“Sometimes Change is What We Need”

Welcome My Loves to my new and updated Blog!

I originally started this blog back in 2016 to post reviews and such about all the books I was reading. I wanted to share my love of books and meet others who loved reading as much as I did. After having some major life changes (getting engaged, planning a wedding, being pregnant, then having a baby…all at the same time) and taking some time away from blogging, I realized I missed it and wanted to come back.

I am a new mother and my free time is now spent trying to do every thing I need to as well as spend as much time with my little girl, my sassy cat, and my soon to be hubby. So that doesn’t really leave a lot of time to read like I used to. I couldn’t justify having a book blog if I was only able to post about books I was reading once or twice a month (if I was lucky). I started thinking and I realized the only way I could continue to blog was if I made some major changes . I was scared to take that step and open myself up, but honestly, what the hell! What should I be scared of? If you don’t like what I am blogging about, don’t follow me and don’t read my posts. Simple as that. Those that are interested will read, so I shouldn’t be scared.

So, I have decided to take this huge leap and blog about more than just books. I will still be reading when I can and writing reviews on what I am reading (and throwing in some infant books as well because I have a lot of opinions on those) but I will also be blogging about my family and adventures we go on, my life as a new mother and motherhood in general, working on my mind and body, and sharing foods I am eating and recipes I am trying. Really, there isn’t a topic that is off limits now in my eyes.

I hope you will tag along with me as I start this new journey of blogging!

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